A wide range of defense & security aplications

Heavy cargo drone (HCD)

Multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle
Designed for agile deliveries and longer flight times
Ability to lift heavier payloads
It can be operated manually or set up for automated journeys

Indestructible X (IX)

Heavy-duty industrial UAV
Designed to improve delivery and flight times
Supports manual and automated flight operations
Withstands harsh conditions
Ideal for a variety of industries, from city control to agriculture


Precise measurements
High-resolutions imagery
Surpasses the capabilities of common photogrammetry method
Ultra modern sensor techonology
Can be mounted on UAV’s,  airplanes, and helicopters

Indestructible ZZ

Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)
Combines robust technology with advanced features.

Magnetometer Drone

Carry more and fly more
Versatile, multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed and compatible with a variety of interchangeable payloads.
This heavy-duty drone can carry more and fly longer.

Use case:
Metal Detection Solution

Surveillance and Reconnaissance Drone (SRD)

30 Minutes Flight Time
The dual-battery system enhances flight times and safety.

Real-Time Video
Dual and simultaneous video streams from FLIR and EO cameras with a network featuring 128-bit AES encryption, as well as WPA2-CCMP.

Customizable Payloads
High-resolution RGB sensors and thermal infrared sensors.

Secure Communications
Flight controllers, sensors, and radios of American manufacture.

Use Cases
Real-time intruder detection
Perimeter security
Accurate data collection
Available with GPS system

Advanced Autonomy
MavLink-based flight planning software supports fully automated and semi-automated missions, as well as manual operation.

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Custom Engineering

When an off the shelf drone or robotic solution doesn’t meet your requirements, design and software solutions with the engineering expertise UAV manufacturer.

Spraying Services

It allows sanitizing stadiums and other events locations in large venues by administering a revolutionery active barrier that creates and enduring protective clean.

Flight Services

Whether you need assistance with occasional one off projects or on call support, our team is available to help you efficiently collect your valuable data. From raw imagery to finished product, or deliverables are flexible and suited to your unique use case.

Data Services

Analyze data to make more informed decisions using our custom-built, end-to-end solutions. Automate insights and increase efficiencies when exploring 2D maps, 3D models, orthomosaic, maps, and more in a single, secure solution.


Our custom-designed training packages are tailored to your specific operations and users. We offer basic training for new UAV owners, up to advanced classes for users who understand the fundamentals and are looking for new ways to increase flight efficiency or comply with federal regulations.

We design the best technical option so that you can focus on growing your business.

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