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What is LiFi?

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The latest technology for the secure data transfer that converts light into data. The data transmission is carried out by the modulation, using invisible LED techonlogy.

InfraComm and Oledcomm have joined forces!

To expand the latest technology for secure data transfer using invisible LED techonology.

We provide wireless, low-latency, and highly secure connectivity solutions for the last mile.

French photonic company focused on the Aerospace, Defense, and Industry sectors.

LiFi Max

How does it work

LiFi Benefits

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Non-detectable and non-jammable signal.
Non-interceptable outside the room / tent / vehicle.
No radio signature.

No Interferences

✓  No electromagnetic interferences with radio waves

Speed Installation

Small number of cables to install.
Automated network integration.
Plug & Play activation mode.


Better stability, higher speed and lower latency than WiFi.


Seamless roaming between antennas and access points.


Launch in April 2023

Oledcomm has partnered with the French Defense Innovation Agency to develop a new line of durable products that meet the specific needs of the French Army.

Soleris Product Range

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Point-to-multipoint communication for operational command posts.


Point-to-point communication at distances of up to 300 meters.

High speed transfer

High speed transfer up to 400 Mbps.

We design the best technical option so that you can focus on growing your business.

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